How it all started

Firstly, I apologise, I was supposed to write this blog post like a week ago but uni work took over sprinkled with a whole load of procrastination! I seriously never stick to timetables! But nonetheless, here I am, sat writing my next blog post, and if the title hasn’t already given it away, this post is all about how my choice to study midwifery came about, no details spared!

So I’m taking it way back to them high school days, I wanted to be a trauma surgeon, I probably didn’t know the ins and outs of one but I was adamant that’s what I wanted and I remember my year 10 french coursework, “dans le future, je voudrais etre un chirurgien et le travail dans les pays du tiers monde”, in translation – I wanted to become a surgeon and work in third world countries. That was the dream age 15. It soon changed when the reality of medicine hit me, the longevity of it and also I stopped watching Casualty and so the idea of becoming the next Zoe Hanna, a strong, well dressed brown female working in the ED department fizzled!

I got my GCSE’s, did pretty decent if you ask me and then went on to sixth form, picked the standard Bio, Chem (worst decision of my life), Maths and Psychology. So come college and at first I’m thinking Maths, I seriously thought myself to be a mathematics genius (jokes on me for that one). But after choosing to volunteer at the postnatal ward of the local hospital and doing a little bit of reading, I began researching midwifery.

Now it’s safe to say that when I first spoke about Midwifery to anyone, all I got was a whole load of weird looks and everyone asking me ‘why’, coming from a Pakistani background, there is a certain taboo around midwifery (something for another post). But for me, I was set, I knew it was for me, and nothing was going to stop me.

After everyone got used to the idea that I want to become a midwife, I thought it’d be a pretty smooth ride, it wasn’t. UCAS HAPPENED. After a couple dozen redrafts of my personal statement, I sent it all off. Then I sat and waited. And waited. Finally, feedback, UNSUCCESSFUL. It had to probably be one of the worst feelings ever! But optimistic me thought, it’s cool I have another 4 choices to go. The very next day, UNSUCCESSFUL. This was heartbreaking, I pretty much gave up, I was thinking, there is no way after 2 unsuccessful’s I’ll be accepted! How wrong was I, a few days later, an interview and then another and then another! And well you know the rest! I got accepted to study midwifery!

All I can say  is that, I definitely knew that Midwifery was the one for me. Regardless of what others said at the time, I knew. For anyone reading this who want to do something but are often worried or put off by what other’s say, you know yourself and your abilities and never question them! Believe in yourself guys, because if you don’t, nobody will.


P.S. If anyone would like tips on Midwifery interviews or the process or help with their personal statements, just contact me via the ‘Contact Me’ tab.

P.S.S. Any questions are welcome


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