Food is a huge part of my culture (and life), there are so many dishes and a particular way to make each. Growing up I have watched my mum cook often ‘andazay say’ – this means I have never seen her measure any spices. She just adds them in according to how she feels or as I like to think, a sort of talent she has inherited from her ancestors. I have grown up on spices and the kitchen cupboards have never been empty. One of my favourite Pakistani dishes is lamb biryani, the spices, the smell, the taste are everything. It once took me five hours to make this dish from scratch and I kid you not, it was so worth every second…

I love food and love cooking even more. Before I went to University, I had no idea how to cook but after a week of eating noodle sandwiches I took the initiative to learn how to make a few dishes. I have to admit my cooking at university was okay-ish, it consisted of a lot of carbs (because who doesn’t love carbs) and very little variety.

Since moving back home I have began experimenting with food and trying vegetables in ways I would never have thought to.

Every weekend I will be sharing a new recipe, something tried and tested for you all to try…

Hope you enjoy x

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