Pakistan 2.0

My parents were born in Pakistan and both arrived in the UK in their teens. A decade after my mum arrived in England, I was born. Nearly a decade later I visited Pakistan for the very first time in 2006. My first memory of Pakistan is eating at a restaurant on the way back from …

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A Northerner in London

So I was having a good ol’ catch up with one of my old friends (SHOUT OUT TO MAZZA) and we were just discussing uni, London, pretty much the same old and we somehow stumbled across a saying that basically fit all of my feels;

‘Too northern for London and too London for Burnley’

This is basically what I feel like 110000% of the time, definitely when I come back to Burnley and realise just how small it actually is, when it takes me 2 minutes to the post office, 5 minutes to the nearest park and like 10 minutes to the shops! And when I am back in London, all I need to do is speak, I mean it has its perks being a northerner in London, it once got me a free ice-cream at the cinnies!