Three years of London living

Heyyy guyyss!!!

It’s been a while…

Just over a year since my last blog post, where I probably promised I would write more blog posts… in my defense, I have had some pretty legitimate excuses:

  • final year of uni
  • placements
  • work
  • life 
  • life
  • life 
  • procrastination
  • the entire Marvel series on Netflix (Daredevil is the one – if you haven’t already watched, defo watch) – P.S. if anyone wants the best order to watch them all in, I gotcha 


But I’m back ( once again) and aim to be posting a lil bit more than before…

I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the past three years, since moving back to the good ol’ North and I’ve decided to share a few of my fave/memorable moments of my time in the big smoke in this blog post…


1. Noodle Sandwiches

Before leaving for uni, I could not cook, I spent my time studying and my only time in the kitchen was spent eating or baking, I baked a lot. Cannae live off cake now can I (acc I probably could, cake is life – the solution to all my problems) …

Anyway, after two weeks of eating pretty much noodles in bread, I decided to leave my pit of self loathing and cook (i was mega upset because it was Eid and I had a First Aid course at Uni and I was on me tod for Eid)…

Anyway, I cooked biryani (save the applause, i used the packet 🀦🏽), I was actually on cloud nine, I cooked for the very first time…and I overcooked, as usual, having no understanding of portion sizes (still don’t). It was real nice though, think I ate it for days!

Side note

One thing I learnt from living away from home, my immune & digestive systems seem to be able to handle all sorts… I’ve eaten some questionable creations of my own whilst at uni, still better to try than not to.

So the memorable moment wasn’t cooking (although I went on about it for weeks) but it was the kindness of my flatmates #706a #angellane who shared my Eid with me that day… It was the nicest thing to not feel so alone on my first Eid alone… Thanks guys x

2. First week

did someone say tall London building?

This is quite a funny one…so in my hometown you can either walk everywhere or get a lift… In London, there’s the tube. It was my first week at uni and after a daunting experience at the Stratford tube platform earlier in the day, I refused to get on a tube unless completely necessary (did not last long). So on my lonesome in London with the worst spatial awareness and no sense of direction (I swear nothing has changed, if I’ve ever literally, physically bumped into you, I promise it was never intentional, my body seems to be in dodgems mode all the time).

Anyway, I decided to walk from London Bridge to Waterloo on me tod, I had my CityMapper, and my overly friendly northern-ness and took to the streets of Lambeth, grinning from ear to ear to everyone I saw and signalling thankyous to drivers who’d give me way (there was like 2 people). It was awesome, I remember feeling so small, towered by the tall grey structures, it all seemed so important. At that point, I was in complete awe, a small town girl in the big old smoke, I was so excited to find out what was in store for me; a new challenge…

3. Shopping.

Me after a very productive shop (this pic is 2 years old)

I was a shopaholic. I lived minutes away from Westfield. My weekends were spent wandering through the huge complex on me tod. I loved it, I still do, window shopping/shopping on my own is me time, I could spend hours just browsing at my own pace, collecting my free samples (student life, don’t judge), wandering into book stores, trying on cute dresses…

Retail therapy is a thing, after a rubbish shift or difficult day, I’d be all sundas go treat yowself (life motto), u deserve it… and one thing would lead to another and before you know it, I’m walking out with half a dozen bags, a sorry looking bank account but always a huge grin on my face πŸ˜…… Ahh the good old days, (before I hit my overdraft limit and figured i needed to find a job to fund my irresponsible lifestyle habits)… If you’re trying to gauge how much I would buy, I never wore the same outfit twice my first year of uni πŸ™ˆ (that bad)…

My most memorable moment of me and shopping,

I saw a bag in a shop, my friends warned me that I shouldn’t buy it, i’d already spent quite a bit that day, but it was such a great price and the prettiest bag ever… I contemplated it all weekend, eventually Monday after uni, took a detour home and bought the bag. (still don’t regret it, love the bag even two years down the line #wasmeanttobe)

I can assure you, I am no longer like that, I think most freshers go through a phase where they enjoy spending a lil bitta money (trying to make myself feel better, can u tell)… Them days are now behind me, twas fun whilst it lasted 🀦🏽😭

P.S. if anyone fancies a shopping trip, holla me chickas, always up for it!

4. Bridges

Enter Royal Victoria Dock Bridge – I lived a stone throws away in my second year and often there was nothing better than a stroll along this bridge (after I tired myself from climbing the 9 flights of stairs).

My absolute fave thing about London, are the bridges! Far more than any attraction… I don’t know what it is about a pretty bridge but I am forever in awe. They’re so beautifully designed and the views are always spectacular. Totally love myself a walk along a bridge, buying caramelised nuts, people watching, cute picture taking – my kinda bliss.

5. House hopping

This is definitely the one that has you realising you aren’t a sixth form kid no more, the penny finally drops. Finding a reasonably priced place to live in London on a students income is not the easiest. It’s a battle between distance and a half decent room and maneyss… in other words a total pain. In three years I’ve had a total of 4 different addresses registered and a whole lot of packing and moving and unpacking and realising I can be quite the hoarder.

If you’re wondering how or why this made it to a London moment, well as frustrating as it is, I rather enjoy myself a lil bitta newspaper and bubble wrap and decluttering. I definitely left London with far less than I came with (my family drove two cars down to London when I moved yet only one car when I moved back home). Also I am a big fan of change, you could say I get bored of the same routine and environment so a different setting is forever welcome.

6. Buses

I mentioned earlier I hated buses as a newbie in London, the least logical thing I ever did instead of take a bus was to wake up 30 minutes earlier than I needed to. I then took a specific train to then walk 40 minutes every morning for an entire month, this too in Winter (I know what you’re thinking, there is hope guys)…

It’s funny because just before I left London, I would take the bus anywhere and everywhere, ahh how times change. London made me lazy, the comfort of having TFL on your doorstep and a zone 1-2 travel card.

7. Library all nighter

Did you ever uni if you didn’t pull a library all-nighter… Funny thing for me was that it wasn’t till one of my final assignments that I took the opportunity to make the most of a quiet library sesh… just me and and the resident rodent. The worst part of this wasn’t being followed by odd looking people at 4am… nop it was leaving my project in the toilets like a complete div. Twas an experience and one to tick off the bucket list, although I would highly recommend not leaving assignments till the last minute…



So there are plenty more moments but I think I’ll leave it to this… 

Hope you enjoyed…It has been a while since I’ve blogged so if it doesn’t meet expectations, I’m a lil rusty, you know what they say, practice makes perfect πŸ˜…

For more random/fun/midwifery/london/life blogs please like and share and leave comments and improvement and suggestions.

Danks ever’body xxx

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