A Northerner in London

Londo Euston to Manchester Piccadilly

11:15 – Left home for London Euston

12:14 – Reached London Euston, my train is in six minutes and I need me some food

12:20 London Euston – I have literally just made the train, managed to pick up a bottle of water and an Iced Coffee

So I’m currently homeward bound on the train and with a good two and a half hours to spare, updating Midwifery and Me seems like a good idea…

For those of you that don’t already know, I study Midwifery in London, good ol’ London and ‘home home’ for me is Burnley, a small northern town in Lancashire. Now I moved to London on 12th September 2015 and so I’ve been living here for pretty much 19 months…


…that’s a very long time and I seriously can’t believe how fast it’s actually gone.

Burnley is approximately 200 miles north of London and my decision to study in the capital was merely a lucky dip kind of decision (ygm), basically, I was scrolling down the whatuni website for universities that offer Midwifery as a degree and I stumbled across King’s College London, now I recognised that King’s is a pretty decent uni and to be honest I was pretty shocked that they even offer Midwifery.

Anyway I thought to myself, what’s the harm in putting it down as one of my five choices, I mean the other options I had picked were; Manchester, Birmingham City, Liverpool John Moores and Huddersfield, fairly close to home and similar locations to what the majority of my friends had opted for. But me being me had to be a different bud and put down King’s.

Little did I know, a few months later I’d be sitting in B5 Auditorium at KCL’s Waterloo Campus, ready to start Midwifery…

this pretty much changed my life!

Before coming to London for uni, I’d only ever visited the capital once, in 2013 and I was as touristy as they get; a total cliché tourist! I could never have imagined that I would be living here just two years later. I guess it shows that we never know just how things will pan out and often despite what we think, it tends to be for the best and for your own benefit.

Milton Keynes – 12:50 – I feel a bit sick, it’s the iced coffee I had on the train and coffee basically gives me really mad heart palpitations and I know this but keep having myself some coffee, like seriously why do I do this to myself, but as long as I can make it through the next hour and a half I’ll be right as rain!

London, it’s safe to say I love it here, the hustle bustle, the city lights, the landmarks, the diversity, the celebrity spotting; there is just something to do every day! It is just an exciting city and I am so glad I picked KCL as one of my options. I really can’t see myself living or studying in any other city, London fits me like a medium sized latex free blue hospital glove (don’t hate me for my lame jokes)! But truthfully, for anyone who has known me pre-London days, they’d totally agree with me when I say that London has been so perfect for me!

Somewhere between Milton Keynes and Stoke-on-Trent – 13:20 – caffeine getting to my head right now, going to take a little nap

Stoke-on-Trent – 13:48 – reached Stoke-on-Trent and awoke from my nap to find that I’ve been joined by a very important looking man with very important looking documents *ommm* with letterheads and all that jazzle

Living in the city has made me far more independent than I was two years ago; it really has made me grow as a young woman. Having to cook for myself (will totally be posting some of my food hacks very soon), cleaning up and doing my own laundry – I now understand why people have ‘laundry days’. Having to actually buy groceries, it is actually harder than you’d think, and yeah living off Dairy Lee Dunkers does not class as a healthy balanced diet! But I guess that’s primarily what moving out for uni is all about; cold pizza for brekkie and dairy lee dunkers all day, every day.

But living 200 miles away and being forever busy with work and placement and studies and laundry, I don’t get to go home as often as I would like to which is a shame, especially when I want a fix of momma’s biryani but can’t because it’d cost me three weeks groceries (budgeting strugs) and take pretty much a good 5/6 hours to get home. Not being able to go home and see my family is a pain but thank the Lord for Skype and WhatsApp Video Calls, I bet in a few years, we’d be able to hologram ourselves to a different location through a mad techy app, but till then Video Calls will suffice!

Despite my accent being the most distinctly northern on pretty much every tube/train/bus I get on, I do feel like I have grasped the ‘Londoner’ quite well, especially the ‘tube face’ and getting all annoyed when having to wait longer than two minutes for my train, also, the other day, was the first time ever I barged onto a train and squashed myself on because I could not deal with having to wait another five minutes for the next train and I was already late – it was a bittersweet moment.

In terms of London, I have so much else I want to share but if I shared it all on this post, this would be the longest post in history of posts and I totally get that you guys probably have a gazillion things to do, as do I; so much revision that I keep putting off! But stay tuned and I will be posting my favourite places in London as well as London hacks by yours truly.

Manchester – 14:28 – reached Manchester Piccadilly and yeah the biggest sign of the North is the pretty gloomy sky but it’s well complimented by the friendly Northerners. Also, I now have to trek and find my way to the bus stop to catch me bus to Burnley (WHOOP)… but yeah fun fact – I can never find my way around Manchester, there’s just far too much going on – mad I know, considering I could probably get around London with my eyes closed!

Home Home – 16:20 – MADE IT! See you soon London xx

Official bye now …

Adios amigos, hope you enjoyed the read!


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